We are a company, established in 2008, engaged in passenger transport, especially in the international traffic.

I am Marko Jamšek, the owner of the company. I was born in 1980, and I am living near Sevnica - Slovenia. The life has taken me along European roads since 1999. When I was young, I first went to Europe with a truck where I gathered a lot of valuable experience. But, I always wanted something more than driving a truck.

It was 2003, when I switched from a truck to a bus. It was mainly because I wanted to share my experience with travelers and help them to discover Europe with the help of my knowledge. But, that was still not enough for me. I started to drive passengers from other continents (Americas, Asia and Australia). I carefully gathered my experience and again, I wanted something more.

In 2008 I opened my own business. At the time of the worst economic crisis I bought a new bus and started to drive for Belgian company MABICAR INTERNATIONAL. We were doing transfers for the world's largest "incoming" agencies. We carried passengers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, JAR, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and more.

Our cooperation with MABICAR INTERNATIONAL was very successful. But, the year 2012 has brought big changes to our business. The owner of Mabicar International, Mrs. Martine Bethuyne has retired and closed her company.

However, she wanted to share her rich experience, so contracts with agencies were transferred to Prevozi Marko Jamšek s.p., now Jamšek d.o.o. The scope of the work was big, so we needed a large number of buses to provide our service to all.
This is how we became known as transfer providers across Europe.

The scope of our work is increasing from year to year. Together, with our partners, we are offering 35-40 buses across Europe for agencies from all over the world. Our passengers come from all continents.

We are very proud that we have permanent partners that follow our desires and needs. Together, we assure the transport of passengers at a high level of quality, especially in safety, comfort and friendliness.

So, you are invited into the hands od experienced, friendly and drivers who cares about safety. We will prove to you: WE KNOW THE WAY!